The sayan spectrographic complex of cosmic rays



The Sayan mountain spectrographic complex consists of three automatic stations of cosmic rays (ASCR), situated at different altitudes of 435 m (ASCR-1), 2000 m (ASCR-2) and 3000 m (ASCR-3) above sea level, equipped with the neutron supper monitors 18-HM-64, 12-HM-64, and 6-HM-64, accordingly. The range of spectrum sensitivity is from 4 to 30-50 GeV. The regime of observations is continuous, the time of information accumulation is 1 min and 1 h. The statistic precision of observation for hourly period of accumulation is 0.1 %.


The Sayan mountain spectrographic complex of cosmic rays is unique in Russia. Its use together with stations of world network allows to separate the effects of magnetospheric and interplanetary origin, and to investigate the variations of anisotropy and energetic spectrum of galactic and solar cosmic rays, as well as solar neutron spectrum. The information obtained is necessary both for diagnostic of electromagnetic conditions in heliosphere and Earth's magnetosphere, and for investigation of accelerating processes in solar flares.

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