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[edit] Short information

Founded in 1960 on the basis of the Siberia's oldest geomagnetic observatory formed in 1886. Director - Corresponding Member of RAS Potekhin A. P. Total staff: 468, including 147 researchers, 35 Doctors of Science, 78 Candidates of Science, and 101 engineers.

[edit] Major research areas

According to the SB RAS Presidium Regulation No. 175 (14 March 2008), main scientific areas of ISTP SB RAS are: Current problems of astronomy, astrophysics and space research, including solar and interplanetary medium physics, physics of the near-Earth space, ionosphere and atmosphere; investigation into solar-terrestrial relationships; development of astrophysical and geophysical research methods and equipment. The Institute main scientific area conforms to the point 29 of the Fundamental Research Program of State Academies of Sciences (2008–2012) approved by the RF Government decree No. 233-p (27 February 2008).

Space weather monitoring and forecast in an effort to solve a number of applied problems;

[edit] International collaboration

The Institute is participating in many international research programs and projects in the field of solar-terrestrial physics, realized mainly in the frame of bilateral agreements and treaties on scientific collaboration. The ISTP SB RAS has agreements with the following foreign scientific organizations:

The Institute holds annual Baikal Young Scientific International School. The institute research assistants actively cooperate with research teams from Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the U.S.A., the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and others.

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