Solar Physics Department


Head of the Department is D.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) M.L. Demidov

The Department staff includes 9 Doctors and 21 Candidates of Sciences (Phys.&Math, Technics)

[edit] Structure of the Department:

In 1962, Corresponding Member of RAS V.E. Stepanov founded scientific school on solar physics with a wide spectrum of investigations ranging from solar global properties to structure and dynamics of various solar-atmosphere processes. Since 1985, the school has been headed by V.M. Grigoryev; its speciality is combination of solar research and development of new astrophysical experimental methods and techniques. A major contribution to the Solar Department formation was made by the organizer of the solar research direction in Siberia Prof. G.Ya. Smolkov, and its evolution was due to Prof. G.V. Kuklin and D.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) V.G. Banin. For its outstanding activities, the Department was awarded a grant of State support of leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation.

[edit] Lines of investigation:

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