SEC "Angara"


[edit] Shared Equipment Center “Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Control of Near-Earth Space” (SEC “Angara”)

Shared Equipment Center “Angara” is a number of new-generation instruments catching up with and outpacing the world standards. These instruments provide an avenue for obtaining unique data on solar activity and its manifestations in near-Earth space (NES). The instruments and facilities are located in the ISTP SB RAS observatories: Radioastrophysical Observatory in Badary (Buryat Republic), Geophysical Observatory in Tory (Buryat Republic), Sayan Solar Observatory in Mondy (Buryat Republic), Integrated Magneto-Ionospheric Observatory in Norilsk, settlements Uzury and Patrony (Irkutsk oblast).

The main line of SEC “Angara” activity is to ensure execution of works by ISTP SB RAS within the framework of state assignments using the available equipment, and to conduct research and render services to the ISTP SB RAS researchers and scientific teams and to other interested users. The existing infrastructure allows a wide range of research in the field of solar physics, solar wind and interplanetary medium, magnetospheric, ionospheric and atmospheric physics, solar-terrestrial relations, radio propagation, asteroid and comet hazards, influence of solar activity on global changes in the Earth's climate system, space weather and its impact on operation of complex ground- and space-based technical systems, solar astrophysics and space geophysics, monitoring of natural and man-made environment including hazardous situations in NES.

Director: Yury V. Yasyukevich, Candidate of Sciences (Phys. & Math.), Associate Professor

Contacts: +7 (3952) 564554, +7 (3952) 511675,

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