Department of near-Earth Space Physics


Dept.Head – D.Sc. (Phys.&Math) V.I. Kurkin

  • Laboratory of Ionosphere – Magnetosphere Interactions Physics (Lab.Head – D.Sc. (Phys.&Math) А.V. Tashchilin)
  • Laboratory of Magnetosphereric Plasmawave Structure Research (Lab.Head – C.Sc. (Phys.&Math) D.Y. Klimushkin)
  • Laboratory of Eaboration of New Methods for Atmosphere Radio Diagnostics (Lab.Head – C.Sc. (Phys.&Math) K.G. Ratovsky)
  • Laboratory of Middle and Lower Atmosphere Physics (Lab.Head – C.Sc. (Phys.&Math) R.V. Vasiliev)
  • Laboratory of Ionosphere Dynamic Processes Research (Lab.Head – C.Sc. (Phys.&Math) O.I. Berngardt)
  • Integrated Magnetic-Ionospheric Observatory (Obs.Head – D.Sc. (Phys.&Math). R.A. Rakhmatulin)
  • Atmosphere Radio Diagnostics Observatory (ARDO) (Obs.Head – A.V. Zavorin)
  • Geophysical Observatory (GO) (Obs.Head – A.V. Tatarnikov)
  • Norilsk Integrated Magnetic-Ionospheric Station (Norilsk IMIS) (Acting Head of station – O.G. Omelyan)
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