The Radio-Astrophysical Observatory


The Radio-Astrophysical Observatory (RAO) is in the Tunka Valley that separates two ranges of the East Sayan, 220 km from Irkutsk (51°45′33″ N, 102°13′08″ E). The Observatory site survey ( was determined by minimizing technogenous noise. At the moment, the main instruments are a radioheliograph and a suite of integral flux spectro-polarimeters. The RAO staff equals about 40, the operation time being 00–10 UT.

Image: Ssrt1.jpg
  • studying solar corona heating,
  • investigating solar flares,
  • measuring coronal magnetic fields,
  • monitoring coronal mass ejections,
  • all-weather multiwave monitoring of solar activity,
  • multiwave mapping of the Sun in the microwave range,
  • monitoring the solar integral flux at a high spectral and temporal resolutions within a wide frequency range.
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