Highly-potential radar for measuring ionospheric plasma parameters using the radio wave incoherent scatter method


The Irkutsk Radar of Incoherent Scatter (IRIS) for ionosphere plasma parameters measuring by incoherent scatter technique is the member of worldwide radar net which consists of nine radars and each radar in the net is unique scientific device. Irkutsk radar is close to foreign radars by its technical characteristics. Besides technical characteristics, the radar uniqueness is determined by its geographical position owing to importance of coordinated observations for global distributions.

The Irkutsk Radar of Incoherent Scatter (IRIS) fills up substantial gap in longtitude chain of USA, Japan and European radars. This radar is the only Russian radar included in "List of scientific unique devices of national importance which requires additional government support(registration No. 01-28)

Main characteristics:

Location 62 MHz
Peak power 2.5-3.2 MW
Pulse duration 140-82O mks
Pulse repetition rate 24.4 Hz
Antenna type sectorial horn
Horn aperture size 246 m x 12.2 m
Horn height 2O m
Horn flare angle 32 grad
Antenna gain 35 dB
Beam width O.5 grad(N - S),1O grad (E - W)
Scan sector 6O grad (N - S)
Polarization linear
System temperature 400-500 K


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