Ca II K Telescope for the Full Solar Disc


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The refractor was developed and designed in ISTP SB RAS according to the optical scheme similar to that of the Hα telescope for the full solar disc. An interference-polarization filter (manufactured by Bernhard Halle Nachfl. GmbH, Germany) installed in the telecentric ray path allows us to observe the Sun in the Ca II K spectral line at 393.4 nm. The passband half-width of the filter is 0.06 nm.

The main parameters:

Diameter of the main objective 180 mm
Equivalent focal length 5154 mm
Field of view 34 arcmin
Solar image diameter 48 mm
Spatial resolution 0.55 arcsec

The Ca II K telescope for the full solar disc was put into operation in 1995. Before 2003, 80-mm film was used to obtain images of the solar disc. In 2003, the optical scheme was redesigned to obtain images with Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S85 Digital Camera providing 2272×1704 resolution.

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