DirectorD. Sc (Phy. & Math.) A.V. Medvedev
Chief scientific advisor of the InstituteAcademician G.A. Zherebtsov
Head of solar physics researchCorresponding member of RAS V.M. Grigoryev
Head of radio astrophysics researchD.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) A.T. Altyntsev
Deputy directors for science:

D.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) S.V. Olemskoy

D.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) M.L. Demidov

C.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) S.V. Lesovoi

Deputy Director for Science and Innovation activities C.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) V.V.Khakhinov
Deputy Director for International Scientific Activities C.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) R.A.Sych
Department Head D.Sc. (Phys.&Math) V.I. Kurkin
Scientific Secretary C.Sc. (Phys.&Math.) I.I. Salakhutdinova
Deputy Director for General Affairs V.M. Aleshkov
Human Resources Manager E.V. Freidman
Chief Accountant Е.А. Menshikova
Head of Economic Planning Department I.N. Leonova

Correspondence of scientific degrees in Russia, USA and European countries

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